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Shandong Youth College of politics school of design and art to visit Tuwei model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2017-09- 04 14: 28

On May 15, School of Design and Art, Shandong Youth Political College (Shandong Institute of Design and Art for short) More than 40 students were born to our company for a 24-hour tour.

In the morning, accompanied by business manager Shao Shuai, visited the CNC workshop of the company with them, understand the part of a prototype model CNC machining. According to the professional features of the students, the marketing manager explained in detail the principle, material properties and processing scope of CNC machining. In order to make it easier for the students to understand, manager Shao also went to the production department to explain the prototype model to them, so that the students learned what they could not find in the book, it has accumulated valuable wealth for future professional courses.

symposium was held in the afternoon. The symposium was held by Wang Gong, who has rich experience in tuowei model. At the meeting, Wang Gong introduced the company's scale, development, products, corporate culture, etc, in the form of answering the reporter's questions, the students answered the questions one by one in a humorous language. Through communication, the students have a new understanding of the company's product market, development prospects, talent needs and the company's emphasis on talent training, leaving a good impression on the company. The atmosphere at the symposium was warm and achieved the expected results. After the symposium, the students took a photo with the general manager, Mr. ou Guojun, at the front desk.

since its establishment, he paid special attention to the cultivation of talents, and signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with more than a dozen universities such as Shandong Institute of Design and Art and Guangdong technician, every year, there are internship visits for college students' professional courses, which has become an indispensable part of the company's corporate culture, technology and enterprises.

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