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Shanghai prototype company has a production accuracy of 0. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-09- 13 15: 22

The prototype is mainly to test the design of the appearance and structure of the product. Only when the processing accuracy is high, it will be accurate during the detection, the new products developed will be perfect. Just as Mr. Li found a prototype by searching for Shanghai prototype company some time ago, customer service Xiao Liu warmly received him.

Actually before finding the extension dimension mr. Li was looking for their original supplier, however, because the aluminum alloy prototype that Mr. Li has to do is to rush to open the mold, it has high requirements for accuracy and is very complicated in structure. However, the local Shanghai prototype company did not meet the ideal requirements due to its limited technical level. Moreover, Mr. Li was hesitant when he found Tuowei to understand that their company was not in Shanghai, but Xiao Liu, a customer of Tuowei model, showed him some photos of five-axis machining, he was reassured and signed the order.

5 days later, Mr. Li was very satisfied with the prototype received, if you need to find a powerful Shanghai prototype company, look at the extension model and the processing accuracy can reach 0. 01mm. Moreover, the transportation is so convenient now, the distance is no longer the main contradiction.

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