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Shanghai prototype factory, 24-hour processing, fast shipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-09- 25 12: 01

enterprises all know'Time is money' After a new product is listed, it needs to be listed before the competitors can get a bigger market. Therefore, many customers will choose a prototype factory with fast delivery when making prototypes. Last month, a Mr. Zhang from Shanghai searched for'Shanghai prototype factory' To find the extension model, the prototype of the car needs to be customized, and the shipment speed is required.

short communication with Mr. Zhang through customer service Xiao Liu, I learned that the Shanghai prototype model factory that Mr. Zhang was looking for was not very powerful, especially in the delivery period, so that the new products were always slow to market. He heard that the prototype factory in Shenzhen not only has high processing accuracy, but also has a faster delivery date, so he found the Shenzhen prototype factory on the Internet.

Customer Service Xiao Liu introduced Mr. Zhang to the advantages of the extension model, especially in the delivery period, there are 55 large CNC machining centers, and the two-shift working method is implemented, and the processing is carried out 24 hours a day, so it has an advantage in the delivery period. Customer service Xiao Liu sent some relevant pictures and videos to Mr. Zhang and soon reached a deal.

5 days later, Mr. Zhang received the prototype of the auto parts sent from Shenzhen and was very satisfied with the delivery period and appearance effect. If you need to find a prototype factory in Shanghai with fast delivery, look at the extension model. 17 years of focus on prototype model production to meet the needs of customers in a multi-faceted manner, 55 large CNC machining centers are processed 24 hours a day, thus shortening the development cycle.

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