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Shanghai prototype factory-Complete processing equipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-05- 04 14: 48

Miss Xu is the purchasing director of a robot. Because their company has developed a new robot this time, and this robot is to be listed, it is very important for this project. Therefore, the purchasing supervisor was appointed to personally select a Shanghai prototype factory to cooperate. So Miss Xu is looking for the right prototype factory online. After reading the information of many prototype factories, it was fixed on the information of the extension model.

so the information of the extension model was searched, then a consultation was initiated. Contact customer service Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu will go to Miss Xu's contact information and general information, and then transfer Miss Xu's information to Miss Liang, the salesman of Shanghai prototype factory. Miss Liang, the salesman, added Miss Xu's qq to qq and launched a chat. After asking about the content, Miss Xu agreed to visit the extension model the day after tomorrow. Miss Xu came a few days later.

Miss Liang, the salesman of Shanghai prototype factory, warmly received miss Xu, then I went directly to the model room to visit and explained to Miss Xu while visiting the salesman. Miss Xu saw that the surface injection, drawing and polishing effect of the sample made by the extension model were very good. I was relieved a lot, and then I took Miss Xu from the first floor to the third floor to tell the process of production one by one. Miss Xu saw that there were so many processing equipment in the Tuowei model and there was also a dust-free workshop, so she completely let her heart go.

then place an order and send the drawings and quotations. Miss Xu did not hesitate too much in the quotation. After all, good quality things always need to be changed at the same price. In fact, this is also a behavior of Miss Xu's trust in the extension model. After receiving the prototype, Miss Xu was very satisfied and said that if she looked for the Shanghai prototype factory next time, she would definitely look for the extension model. Thank you very much for your trust. If you have any ideas, please contact customer service on the right side.

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