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Shanghai prototype factory-Customer introduction

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-08- 13 11: 07

Mr. Guan is the purchasing manager of a company in Shanghai, and Mr. Guan searches'Shanghai prototype factory' The extension model found, before contacting the extension, Mr. Guan listened to friends in the industry about the extension model and never had a chance to cooperate. This is also a cause.

recently, mr. Guan's company because the colleagues who were responsible for purchasing the prototype model were only cheap, the vast majority of the prototype models they bought back could not be used normally, seriously delayed their progress in the development of new products. Therefore, after learning this lesson, I made up my mind to find a regular and reliable Shanghai prototype factory to cooperate, and then Mr. Guan said,'Accidental'Contact the extension model.

after communicating with Mr. Guan, in order to let Mr. Guan feel more at ease and sincerely invite Mr. Guan to visit the site of Tuowei. Others say that it is no better than what they have seen. After Mr. Guan came to the tuowei model, the salesman of tuowei warmly received him and led Mr. Guan to visit the manufacturers, sample cabinets, QC and so on, mr. Guan said immediately: Sure enough, as a friend said, it is a powerful Shanghai prototype factory.

then Mr. Guan submitted the order in Tuowei, tuowei model is a powerful Shanghai prototype model factory. Every year, some friends who come here are looking for tuowei cooperation. If you also want to customize the prototype at this time, you are welcome to consult tuowei!

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