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Shanghai prototype model manufacturers-Large processing range 3 days shipping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-07- 26 17: 28

time is now very precious for everyone! Whether it is a learning student or a commercial person in the society, time is especially precious for everyone! The same is true for making prototype models! It is not easy to find a Shanghai prototype model manufacturer with a fast delivery date!

why are many people now looking for a prototype model manufacturer in Shanghai? why pay special attention to the delivery? Because only by finishing the prototype model early and putting the product test early into the market as soon as possible can we seize the market opportunity and gain a foothold in advance than our peers! Get more resources! Four months ago, Miss Chen, who needed to make a medical prototype, found tuowei model company through Baidu search. After contacting customer service, Miss Xin, a salesman, took over!

Miss Xin started a preliminary understanding after adding Miss Chen's information! In the understanding, I learned that the lady was in a hurry because of the time, needed to make five prototypes, and the size was relatively large. The general Shanghai prototype model manufacturer could not complete the production within the specified time! The website that saw the extension model said that the delivery period was within 3 to 5 days, so I decided to consult customer service! After that, Miss Xin sent a sample map and factory map of the extension model. After a few days, Miss Chen came to the extension model for on-the-spot investigation. Miss Chen was very satisfied with the extension model, so I made the order! After that, it has also become a long-term partner!

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