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Shanghai prototype processing plant-4 days delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-06- 14 11: 29

at the end of last month, a customer, Mr. Peng, searched through the Internet'Shanghai prototype processing factory' After finding the extension model, Xie Gong, the project manager of the extension, received him. Mr. Peng was very decisive. After understanding some of the strength of Tuowei, he quickly sent the drawings to the xie gong for quotation and said the four-day delivery.

Mr. du hesitated according to the delivery period required by the customer after reading the drawings, although this product is not very large, it has many parts, not only plastic but also metal, the strength required for this product is that it can only be processed by the Shanghai prototype processing factory. The four-day delivery period is really a big challenge, but Mr. du still took the order and the customer was satisfied with the price quoted by Mr. Du, after communicating some details of the processing, the processing began.

in order to catch up with the four-day delivery, the production workshop distributed several processing equipment to process these parts at the same time, so that the processing speed was greatly improved. After 24 hours of processing, it was milled the next morning, after the initial distribution, the oil injection is polished and oxidized. QC, manual assembly, a series of emergency rush or successful delivery on the fourth day. Customers are very satisfied with the punctuality and excellent prototype quality like Tuowei.

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