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Sheet metal prototype factory-Good long-term service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-04- Hello everyone, the prototype suppliers in Shenzhen have gradually become less recently. Some of them moved away and some closed down because of capacity problems. These manufacturers are losing customers in the long-term competition, which will cause such consequences. If you need to look for a sheet metal prototype factory, you can contact the extension model.

there are new processing equipment here, which can handle the urgent needs of customers well. For example, other sheet metal prototypes, although the quality is similar to the extension model. However, there will be certain differences in the delivery period. The scale extension model has hundreds of staff members of 6000 square meters of factory buildings, and can work overtime 24 hours a day.

and the unification of domestic express delivery is issued by Shunfeng logistics postage, which guarantees your receiving speed. To ensure quality problems before shipment, there will be three-dimensional testing equipment. There are also secondary element testing equipment, as well as manual control drawings to confirm the qualification rate, which will be returned as soon as possible if the conditions are not met. Such quality requirements are not possible for small sheet metal prototypes.

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