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Shenzhen aluminum alloy prototype CNC processing factory, the accuracy is 0. 05mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-09- 12 16: 54

aluminum alloy belongs to a kind of hardware material, which is no stranger to everyone. When processing aluminum alloy prototype, there are CNC machining and 3d printing, but because 3d printing is expensive, the common processing method is CNC machining. Then what should be paid attention to when CNC Machining aluminum alloy prototype. On this point, the industry insiders tell you that it mainly depends on the accuracy and delivery date of processing.

The following figure shows two aluminum alloy prototypes made by customers in the extension model. , CNC machining. After the CNC is finished, it is polished by the prototype master and then oxidized. The appearance is very beautiful. Since the customer's requirements are 0. 05mm, and the accuracy of many prototype factories can only reach 0. 1mm, can reach 0. There are few manufacturers with 05mm accuracy, and the Tuowei model is processed by Japanese imported Brothers, which is easy to reach 0. 05mm.

While delivery basically depends on the number of devices and the number of employees, tuowei model has 55 large-scale CNC equipment and more than 100 employees. It can basically be shipped within the time specified by the customer. When it is really busy, personnel from other departments will also help polish and pack to ensure that customers can receive prototypes on time.

The extension model is imported from Japan prototype of brother machined aluminum alloy, accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, and can be in 3 ~ Shipping within 5 days is a trusted prototype manufacturer.

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