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Shenzhen aluminum alloy prototype factory-Processing with 5-axis equipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-12- 11 15: 47

with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, enterprises also pay more and more attention to prototypes, basically, each product needs to be prototype after the R & D design is completed, and each enterprise also has higher and higher requirements for prototype. There is a customer search today'Prototype of Shenzhen aluminum alloy' After finding the extension model, I asked the customer service if there is any five-axis equipment, how much accuracy can be achieved, and whether there is any guarantee. Customer service wants to have such high customer requirements now, and immediately answers that the accuracy of the five-axis machine has reached ±0. 02mm, let the manager contact the customer.

after manager and customer learned in communication, the previous customers have done it in other prototype factories, and the previous promises are very good, but the products made later are in a mess. The customer went to their factory to see it. As a result, there were two old equipment, and the customer could not say anything. Later, when the customer came to tuowei to see the factory, he knew that this was a Shenzhen aluminum alloy prototype factory with strong strength. And sent the drawings to the manager. After the engineer and the manager discussed it, they thought about a good processing method and reported a reasonable price. The customer immediately placed an order.

after 3 days, the customer is very satisfied with the prototype sent by the extension model, and promised to introduce the prototype project to the extension model in the follow-up time. If you need to find a powerful Shenzhen aluminum alloy prototype factory, the extension model is the best choice.

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