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Shenzhen aluminum alloy prototype-Good 5-axis machining service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-12- 11 18: 18

many products in the current market need to use metal materials, so many customers are very troublesome to find suppliers of metal prototypes because the equipment is not good and the quality is poor. In this small series, we can recommend that you choose the Shenzhen aluminum alloy prototype with 17 years of experience in professional prototype production.

The price/performance ratio is not to mention that the rapid development has already owned a plant area of 6000 square meters. 55 sets of CNC machining equipment are constantly improving the problems that customers need to solve. Greatly reduce the workload of customers. Such regular manufacturers and small factories are better at a glance than who is chosen. The prototype of Shenzhen aluminum alloy, some of the small factory structure is slightly complicated, and it is impossible to process.

but the extension model is in the prototype of Shenzhen aluminum alloy, among the manufacturers. 17 years of experience. The metal prototype machined with five-axis is of good quality, exquisite appearance, and customers like it very much. If you have relevant prototype service requirements, please feel free to receive you at the first time at the online and customer service contact meeting.

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