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Shenzhen automobile lamp prototype factory, focusing on the production of automobile prototype for 16 years

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-08- 23 17: 28

different models of cars have different lamp shapes. Like this, each model needs to design a new lamp and then make a prototype, the design concept is intuitively reflected, so as to find out the shortcomings and improve them, and then carry out mass production. To be honest, the prototype is to implement the ideas you have designed into a physical object.

extension model is an experienced prototype production of car lights in Shenzhen. manufacturers, there are many prototypes in automobile, and they also cooperate with many well-known automobile companies, such as BYD, Beiqi Futian, Yahoo and so on. This is a prototype of the car headlights made by the extension model for customers. Because the requirements are very transparent, the acrylic material is selected, and its production process is relatively simple. First, it is processed through CNC, then Polish and Polish.

CNC machining: the tool above the CNC machining center, moves according to the path set by the program, remove the excess part of the material, so as to get the prototype model.

sanding: sandpaper, smooth the burrs and knife marks on the surface of the prototype.

polishing: the prototype surface is machined using a polishing tool to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.

we were able to do this in just 3- 5 days to provide the perfect model sample, so that you can fully and correctly evaluate the new product before opening the mold, so that the product development is smoother, which can greatly reduce the errors and risks of the product. It is also convenient for customers to confirm and apply to pre-events such as participating in exhibitions and advertisements. If you need to make a prototype of the lamp, you can choose the extension model.

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