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Shenzhen automobile prototype factory-2000mm processing size

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-04- 16 11: 58

Mr. Chen searched'Shenzhen automobile prototype factory' I found the extension model and wanted to make a bumper prototype. Since this prototype is generally large in size, I need to find manufacturers with larger processing trips, this is exactly the manufacturer of the extension model.

Mr. Chen because of the distance, with Shenzhen automobile prototype factory, it has always been contacted by phone Wechat and so on. The detailed production plan is also determined with the business Huang Gong, at the beginning of the processing, Mr. Chen still deliberately asked for the whole processing, and could not be disassembled. The intensity of the work would not be high.

for this reason, Mr. Chen also specially came to expand the dimension model, after understanding the strength, I saw that the company's large-scale processing equipment also had a bottom in mind. Mr. Chen said that he had found the Shenzhen automobile prototype factory for the first cooperation. If there is no problem in quality, will maintain long-term cooperation.

so when doing the prototype of the automobile insurance Rod, it is better to choose a prototype factory with a large processing stroke, in this way, the whole process can be made, and the prototype will be much better in strength, without splicing, and the appearance effect will be better. If you want to find such a Shenzhen automobile prototype factory, you might as well look at the extension model and the 2000mm processing itinerary, which will bring you unexpected gains.

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