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by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-09- 06 15: 40

The prototype believes that most people are not particularly clear, but it is very familiar to designers and developers. Nowadays, more and more cars are driving, the demand for cars is getting bigger and bigger, and the car industry is getting better and better, and people are more advocating for being different! This also provides a better market for designers and researchers!

most R & D companies need prototype proofing after designing a car, this is a reliable and large-scale prototype manufacturer. Of course, the scale of Xiao Liu's company's extension model is still quite large, there are also a lot of customers coming to our company to make car prototypes ~~

For example, Mr. Zhang, a designer from Beijing, found us and asked us to help them report one. the price of prototype car lights, xiao Liu just wants to say a word about the quotation (I can't do it ~~). After all, Xiao Liu is responsible for customer service, but I invited Sharon, our project manager, to help quote and negotiate.

so the old driver is still the old driver after all. The next day Sharon told me that Mr. Zhang said that their boss decided to come to Tuowei in person, and he would also bring the technical director of their company and the person in charge of the project! I was excited on the spot! After all, so people are willing to come over so far that they still agree with our company.

Mr. Zhang came over on August 20, 2016, great God Sharon took them to visit our company and explained to them some of the problems and doubts they raised about the prototype of the car lights, at present, Mr. Zhang's boss placed an order in our company ~~ Xiao Liu instantly felt that Sharon was no longer an old driver. She was a great God! !

The transaction of this order must first be very grateful to Mr. Zhang. If he does not bring their boss, it is impossible to clinch a deal, secondly, I would like to thank the great God Sharon for not having her professional technology and knowledge. It is impossible to clinch a deal so quickly!

Although Beijing is away from Shenzhen tuowei there is a certain distance, however, the prototype of the car lights made by the tuowei model has ignored this thousands of miles, and resolutely came to our company to see the factory and chose us to place an order. This is not only an affirmation of our extension model, but also a trust and support for the extension model

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