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by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-10- 17 17: 45

In the process of product design, 80% of the cost is controlled at this stage as the focus of the whole region, prototype plays an important role in product design positioning, cost control, production and sales, quality inspection and other processes. Similarly, if you want to develop a new auto parts product, you must first test a small number of car prototypes, and then mass production after confirmation.

The material of the prototype of this car panel is abs, which adopts the method of cnc machining, it is a mainstream prototype processing method. The general steps are basically like this. First, the prototype of the car panel prototype is Gonged Out through CNC machining, and then the extra burrs are worn out with sandpaper, spray the color requested by the customer and bake in the oven for a period of time. Then, it is silk screen printing, and the corresponding mark is printed in the corresponding position. The prototype of the car panel processed by cnc not only has high precision, but also has bright surface gloss and is more exquisite than the prototype of the product.

After prototyping, it can make some products that have been designed but not perfect correct in time, in case that once they are put into mass production on a large scale, they find that they are not beautiful or even can't be used, resulting in all scrapping. The prototype model can be applied to auto parts, medical devices, household appliances and other fields. However, from the performance of so many years, the automotive industry is more prototype. If you need to make a prototype model of the car, the extension model is an option you can't miss.

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