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Shenzhen Baoan prototype factory-Visit customers at home

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-01- 20 08:23

Li Gong is an engineer of a company in Nanshan district. He is the business card of the extension model given to him through his colleagues, with the contact information of the relevant personnel of tuowei, after the contact, because there are special regulations on the drawings, the Cao Gong of Shenzhen Baoan prototype factory took a few color pages to visit their company, communicate related drawing processing matters.

Li Gong looked at the drawings with Cao Gong of tuowei, the precautions of the relevant drawings are mentioned, and the accuracy of the processing requirements and the post-processing process requirements are followed. According to the sample color and drawing structure provided by Li Gong, an evaluation was made from the properties of the processing materials, machine processing time, manual polishing time, post-processing time, quality inspection process, etc. Pointing out the errors in customer drawings and processing can avoid the risks in time. Li Gong has a different definition of the extension model, two words, and points out the drawbacks before processing, to avoid risks for customers and grasp the time of each detail in place, companies like Tuowei are much stronger than Shenzhen Baoan prototype factory that they just want to take orders and not consider for customers.

soon, li Gong finished the process of bringing Cao Gong's signature back to the company, and soon reached a cooperation with Tuwei model, making an advance payment very readily, the extension model was also produced immediately. What they want is a Shenzhen Baoan prototype factory that they can trust and cooperate with for a long time.

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