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Shenzhen car prototype-CCTV interview company

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-04- Hello everyone, every time a customer needs a prototype supplier. It is the reality of the extension model to show the technology and is very happy to serve every customer. Regardless of the unit price of the prototype you made, a customer is looking for a local Shenzhen car prototype supplier these days, and it is not very satisfactory to find it online.

Under the introduction of friends, I came to the Tuwei model for a visit. It is a great honor for this customer to know that Taowei was also invited by CCTV in an exclusive interview. It is a powerful manufacturer worthy of trust. It's so good to have this opportunity to meet. At will, the cooperation requirements are put forward and the quotation process is carried out. The customer mentioned other Shenzhen automobile prototype manufacturers that there is no way to reach the accuracy standard without such equipment as the five-axis machine.

just saw several new five-axis machining equipment under the introduction of the project manager. It is very good to solve this urgent need, although there has been no intention of cooperation. The accompanying personnel still do their best to do their job very carefully. We have chosen Tuowei among many Shenzhen auto prototype suppliers.

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