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Shenzhen CNC prototype factory, saving time and effort

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-10- 18 15: 51

if a general enterprise wants to develop a product or participate in the exhibition, it will choose to make a prototype model, because if a set of products is opened, it will take about 20 days, the prototype is only 3-It can be done in 5 days. When machining the prototype, CNC machining is a very important processing method. It can process the prototype with large volume and high precision. In general, most enterprises will choose Shenzhen's prototype factory if they make prototypes.

CNC machining is a seemingly simple but very complicated processing method, because when you want to process a part, you have to go through the programming editing first, so that you know how much material to open. If the material size is not left, it will take a long time to gongs, the efficiency will become very low.

and then positioning, some people will be simple, not just put the workpiece on the machine! In fact, this is not the case. If the positioning is not fixed, there may be deviations during processing, resulting in a large error, so that the customer will ask the prototype factory to redo; Another consequence is the overflight.

In addition, it is also a troublesome thing to change the tool. After each tool change, you have to re-pair the knife and manually pair the knife, not two or three hours is a problem. The extension model can avoid this problem very well. Our equipment is equipped with an automatic tool change device, which can handle the knife in a short period of time, greatly saving time.

If you need to find a more reliable CNC prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen, you can choose the extension model--Save time and worry.

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