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Shenzhen cnc prototype factory refused homogenization

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-06- 16 08: 00

Today, cheap goods are everywhere in the market, as is the case in the prototype industry. There are many cnc prototype factories in Shenzhen, and the scale is uneven, so the crowd serving customers is also different. However, please believe that the cost performance of the product prototype made by the regular manufacturer will be higher than that of the small factory. If you can spend more money to solve most of your problems.

What is the joy of this? Many customers think that the homogenization of Shenzhen cnc prototype factory is serious, so they are more concerned about the price. Customers with this idea will also have corresponding suppliers, and the price is cheaper and will not care about quality problems.

causes many customer customers to have a series of quality problems after receiving the product prototype, so that the bamboo basket is empty. The Shenzhen cnc prototype factory will not be in charge. After all, you will buy the goods. However, regular manufacturers will carry out QC quality inspection to confirm whether they are qualified before they will carry out the packaging and shipment. If the NG tag is attached, it will be reworked again. To meet the requirements will be given to the customer.

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