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Shenzhen Fuyong 3d printing prototype manufacturer, good temperature resistance of prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-10- 06 17: 01

nowadays, more and more prototype factories have entered the threshold of 3D printing prototypes, the emergence of 3D printing prototype models is because many traditional processing methods can't keep up with the speed of product upgrading. Products that used to take 100 hours can increase the speed dozens of times with the help of 3D printing, therefore, in recent years, a lot of 3d printing prototype manufacturers have poured in. In this field, the competition is very fierce, especially in Shenzhen, which can be described as much as cattle.

According to statistics, there are actually many prototype factories in Fuyong, but apart from some small workshops and some small-scale manufacturers, there are not many good prototype factories left. If the customer needs to find a prototype factory of Fuyong, which one should he choose?

Many people say, in the process of the gradual development of 3D printing, it has two very irritating deficiencies. One is that the printed prototype has low temperature resistance and the other is that the printed things are very rough. Under normal circumstances, the prototype printed in 3d is about 60 degrees of temperature resistance, but the extension model has been engaged in 3d printing prototype production for 16 years, and has continuously introduced new equipment and improved production technology, finally, there is a new breakthrough in 3d printing technology. This is a prototype we printed, and at a high temperature of 110 degrees, it was baked for 2 hours in a row and there was no deformation. As for precision, 3d printers imported from Israel by the extension model are guaranteed.

So, when working on a 3d printing prototype, it is necessary to choose the manufacturer with good prototype performance and high processing accuracy, and the extension model is precisely such a manufacturer.

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