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Shenzhen Fuyong prototype model customization manufacturers with high efficiency and punctual delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-01- 17 16: 30

The prototype must not be unfamiliar to the designer, as a sample to verify whether the structure and function of the designed product are reasonable, many enterprises need to prototype. However, when processing prototypes, the work efficiency of many prototype factories is relatively low, and the delivery period is often delayed, resulting in customers not being able to use prototypes to participate on time. In Shenzhen Fuyong's tuowei prototype model customization factory, the work efficiency is very high, the on-time delivery rate reaches more than 95%, and the customer can receive a satisfactory prototype on time.

Shenzhen tuowei model has 55 large CNC machining centers with more than 100 employees, as far as Fuyong is concerned, there are not many prototype factories that can have this scale. Many prototype factories exist in the form of small workshops. One person has multiple positions, both taking orders and taking charge of production, this delivery period is difficult to guarantee, and the extension model implements standardized production. An employee is only engaged in one type of work, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the work. Not only that, the workshop also implements a two-shift work system, and the machine does not stop 24 hours a day.

Secondly, the employees of tuowei model are also relatively united. In last March, the foreign trade business received a large order from an Israeli company, with hundreds of relatively large prototypes, the company has 55 large CNC machining centers. It is naturally no problem in CNC machining, but it is a little overwhelmed by manual polishing. So the people in the office took the initiative to go to the prototype department to help polish after work. Although they were not very skilled and were peeled off by sandpaper, they still clenched their teeth and insisted, finally completed the project within the specified time and won high praise from customers.

If you need to find an efficient prototype factory in Fuyong, you may wish to choose the extension model, which has many equipment, many personnel and unity, so that you can receive the prototype on time.

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