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Shenzhen hand office factory reminds you of several important features of hand office that you must not know

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 04 11: 53

Shenzhen hand office reminds you of several important features of hand office that you must not know: 1. Hand office is not mass production, set of hand-made molds can only be produced 20- About 25 products, if you need to reproduce, you have to re-open the mold. 2. The raw materials handled by hand are also important factors to distinguish whether they are handled by hand. Most of the raw materials handled by hand use p. U no foaming resin, good as cast resin in Japan ( More than 300 yuan a kilo transparent more expensive, ha ha) The white mold hand made of this raw material has a very good feel, and there are few bubbles in the product. The color of the white mold will not be yellow or dark, nor will it be too bright and very smooth (Smooth plastic different from pvc) It feels like Jade or ivory, and it feels like pvc or plastic. It will not smell bad when it is polished. Shenzhen hand-run model extension official website for sale is this. 3. The expressive force of hand-handling is very strong, such as subtle facial expressions, wrinkles of stockings and so on. 4. Since the processing of finished products requires a lot of manpower, the hand office is generally not finished, even if there is a finished product sold at a price and time, it will cost more! 5. Other plastic materials (PVCPSABSABC) Such models/dolls can not be called hands-on.

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