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Shenzhen hardware prototype Factory, 5-axis precision manufacturing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-11- 08 16: 25

Mr. Deng in Shenzhen found the extension model through the Internet. Mr. Deng wanted to customize the hardware prototype, mainly a shell prototype, I want to find a prototype supplier with better quality, so that the precision of the processed hardware prototype will be higher, and the results will be more accurate when testing, so that new products can be developed faster.

learned through communication between customer service and Mr. Deng, mr. Deng has also found many prototype suppliers before, but their equipment and technical level are limited, the accuracy of the hardware prototype is not up to the requirements, and the polishing is also very rough, if you look carefully, there are many potholes on the surface. Mr. Deng found the extension model this time to do a good prototype of the hardware shell, saving time and effort.

If you need to find Shenzhen hardware prototype factory, you may wish to choose the extension model, 17 years of prototype production experience, 55 CNC machining equipment, precision 5-axis machine, 24-hour start, delivery 3- 5 days of shipment, double secrecy agreement, 1-to-1 guidance from US technical director, 38% higher than that of peers.

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