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Shenzhen has the strength of abs prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-08- 31 22: 06

Since abs materials have the advantages of being cheap, sticky and easy to process, abs materials are often used in the prototype industry. When doing the abs prototype, many customers first thought of Shenzhen's manufacturers, but Shenzhen's abs prototype manufacturers are as bullish as possible. It is really not easy to find a powerful one, the following small series will introduce you to a powerful prototype factory.

if abs prototype is made, the machining stroke of the machine is very important. If the CNC machining stroke is large enough, the whole abs prototype can be processed, and the prototype made in this way is relatively strong and the pressure resistance is relatively strong. The processing stroke of the extension model can reach 2000, and the operator has more than 5 years of experience. The abs prototype with a general size of less than 2000mm can be processed completely without dismantling.

Secondly, customers who do abs prototypes are also more concerned about the accuracy of the prototype, and the accuracy of the abs prototype is mainly related to the machine, and the prototype accuracy of the good equipment is naturally high. The extension model introduces a large CNC machining center imported from foreign countries, and the machining accuracy of abs prototype can reach 0. 05 ~ 0. 1mm.

Find a powerful abs prototype manufacturer to make the prototype, not only can you make your prototype firm, but the accuracy is also relatively high. If you have customized requirements for the original model, you can contact online customer service on the right side of our webpage or call: 13510327550, we are at your service at any time!

Collectively, the effect of rapid plastic prototyping on industrial society has been to eliminate aluminum rapid prototyping and drastically reduce the time long associated with cnc prototype machining.
We would appreciate your immediate attention to materials used in rapid prototyping.
The abs rapid prototyping 3d printed organs has significantly numerous benefits over other rapid prototyping companies systems, which makes it first choice for aluminum prototype.

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