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Shenzhen high precision prototype processing company

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-11- 25 01:24

Hello everyone, now in the era of product diversity. Only by constantly improving their own new products can we meet the needs of customers. The same is true of our prototype processing company, which requires continuous improvement of equipment accuracy and professional technology. In order to keep pace with the times and provide better services to our customers.

For example, in November this year, many customers found our prototype processing company on the Internet to cooperate. Would like to know the size of our company so that the subsequent prototype is processed here. After consulting the scale of our equipment, we learned that we have 55 CNC machining equipment. Multiple five-axis machining machines, the five-axis machine is introduced this year. The new machining accuracy can reach 0. 01mm. The reputation of service in the industry is also well received, and hundreds of people's production teams can be processed in 24 hours. It can be shipped in three days quickly and hired us cto for surface treatment guidance at a high salary. Customer satisfaction is as high as 90%, and free three-dimensional precision measurement service is also provided. These are not available in small prototyping companies.

This is an internationally recognized standard which acts as a form of guarantee that everything Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd. does is managed to the highest quality standards.
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We want to be careful and deliberate about developing Tuowei, from the platform we choose, to the way we approach it, to the methods we use.
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