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Shenzhen home appliance prototype factory, 3 days shipment

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-09- 30 19: 19

new product will have some defects when it is newly developed, so it is generally necessary to find a prototype factory to proofing before the new product is developed, after confirming OK, start the mold production. If you don't do the prototype test to open the mold directly, once there is a little defect, it will lead to waste mold, and so will the research and development of household appliances. Generally, before developing a household appliance, enterprises will find a prototype factory for household appliances to make prototypes and prepare for the preliminary work.

Shenzhen home appliance prototype factory-- The extension model has the following advantages:

1. The strength of the manufacturer is strong: the five-axis machine is used for processing. The prototype master has rich experience and accuracy can reach 0. 01mm, when processing high-precision prototype is very advantageous.

2. 55 CNC machining centers are processed 24 hours a day and can be shipped in 3 days, enabling customers to receive prototypes as soon as possible, thus developing new products faster.

3. High secrecy, strict signing of confidential agreements, computer installation of confidential software, can effectively protect the intellectual property of customers is not leaked.

The extension model is such a prototype factory for household appliances, which is machined with five-axis machining, the accuracy is more convenient than other prototype manufacturers. At the same time, many CNC machining centers are processed 24 hours a day and can be delivered within 3 days, if you need to find a powerful prototype factory for household appliances in Shenzhen, look at the extension model.

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