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Shenzhen hot water kettle prototype manufacturer which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-09- 04 15: 07

Electric Kettle is a very common household appliance, and there are many people who use it. Like Xiao Liu, there is one in our dormitory.

The prototype of this kettle was Mr. Zhang from Shenzhen, who heard him say that he found our company, because a friend heard that Mr. Zhang's company was going to do a prototype, he highly recommended us to do it. So he found us after the online search and came to our company to visit.

In fact, he said that the time when he moved him and asked him to place an order was:

1. Successfully log in to the new four boards this year!

2. Hire us prototype experts to teach and guide the company's fuel injection technology.

3. It has imported measuring instruments such as three dimensions, two dimensions and three Feng calipers.

4. CNC machining works can reach 2000*1300*600.

5. It has 55 CNC machining machines to shorten the processing cycle.

6. It has a series of prototyping machines and processes such as UV machine, milling machine, lathe, sandblasting, 3D printing, oven, tapping teeth, laser carving, etc.

7. Set up confidential software and sign a confidential agreement (To reassure customers).

there is another one, that is, the tone that his friend highly recommends, such a good friend highly recommended is generally not too bad! And the customer case on the official website feels more real. So even if you're going to be higher than other companies, I'm willing to do it for you.

Xiao Liu thanked Mr. Zhang for his affirmation on behalf of the company. Today, Tuowei's customers are all over the north and south of Dajiang. There has always been only one belief in us: Doing things seriously and being steadfast. Regardless of the size of the order, regardless of the customer. As long as the customer needs, as long as the customer chooses the extension model, we will do our best to overcome any difficulties! This is our commitment and what we have been doing! !

On the occasion of 2016, when this 2017 is about to pass, send Xiao Liu's blessing. May all of you who have seen Xiao Liu's article go up to a higher level in 2017, be happy and happy with your family! !

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