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Shenzhen Longgang prototype factory-Large processing size

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-02- 20 16: 56

manager of Shenzhen Longgang prototype factory found tuowei model Co. , Ltd. some time ago, when the salesman Huang Gong received the manager, after a brief inquiry, Huang Gong learned that their company sells medical devices. The usual dosage is not large. Generally, it is only a prototype. The reason is that if the mold is to be opened, the accuracy requirements are very high, however, there is an error in itself when making the prototype, and if the mold is to be opened, the cost is not only high, but the error will also widen. If the mold is opened, but if there is an error in the middle, the mold will be scrapped.

, Huang Gong took him to the general office of Europe, after some discussion, ou always took him to visit our processing factory and introduced the CNC machine tool in detail with the manager, using the imported CNC machining center for processing; The processing size is 2000, which can make the prototype with a larger size. The prototype after processing is exquisite in appearance and has no trace at all. The customer is in need of cooperation with the Shenzhen Longgang prototype factory.

then, ou always took them back to the office, further detailed discussions have begun. The customer decided to cooperate with the extension model for a long time, which is a mutually beneficial cooperation. If you need to find a Shenzhen Longgang prototype factory with a large processing size, you might as well look at the extension model.

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