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Shenzhen Longhua prototype factory-Serve customers seriously

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-06- 21 11: 59

We believe that every encounter is the arrival of a fate, so Shenzhen Longhua prototype model factory- Expand the model, cherish the fate with every customer, earnestly serve every customer, do your best to meet the requirements of customers, and provide customers with high-precision prototypes.

Mr. Liu wants to customize several prototypes of auto parts, looking for Shenzhen Longhua prototype factory on the Internet, we found the extension model. If you are a prototype of auto parts, Tuowei is still experienced. After cooperating with BYD, you will often do some of their projects, including prototype of headlights, prototype of car panels, bumper prototypes, etc, so the prototype of Mr. Liu is very familiar. When Tuowei completed the steps of CNC processing, polishing, fuel injection and silk screen printing, he sent the prototype to Mr. Liu by Shunfeng Express and asked him to take it to the exhibition.

received feedback from Mr. Liu a few days later, indicating: the prototype made this time was very exquisite, and it had a good response at the exhibition and signed several large orders. If you want to find Shenzhen Longhua prototype model factory in the future, you will continue to choose the extension model, in fact, it will be happy to satisfy the customer! Thanks again to Mr. Liu for his support of the extension model and his recognition of the extension service, the extension model will wholeheartedly serve every customer!

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