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Shenzhen medical equipment prototype manufacturers, the design concept into reality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-11- 06 19: 45

prototyping can avoid problems in the process of opening the mold. Everyone knows that the price of opening the mold is not cheap, especially for medical equipment, opening a set of molds is 100,000 or even millions in minutes. Generally, problems may cause great cost losses to the enterprise.

completed a large project a few months ago, our company signed a contract with a medical device company in Jiangsu for the production of a prototype model of medical equipment. This medical device company is a listed company and they are also famous in the industry, all of their products are exported to Europe and America. This time, due to the development of a new medical device prototype, we found our company through the network. Let's show you the prototype effect diagram below:

The main material of this medical device prototype is aluminum alloy (The translucent PC board is used on both sides) After programming, the engineer is CNC processed, and then manually polished by the manual master before going to the fuel injection department to spray the surface and then silk screen.

by making a medical device prototype, you can turn your design ideas into reality in a short period of time, or participate in the exhibition with a prototype model to get more orders.

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