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Shenzhen medical prototype factory-CTO solve the problem for you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-03- 01 17: 04

The Research and development of some equipment and instruments in many hospitals are all customers of tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. Shenzhen is a 17-year medical prototype factory, usually, the prototypes made by these customers are directly used for the use of finished products, so it is necessary to have more professional process technology to achieve high appearance requirements.

just expand the dimension model. The high salary hired CTO from the United States to help many customers improve the appearance of the product. Also guide the manual members of the production line. The appearance processing has reached the international level, and the local small medical prototype factory is already beyond reach.

It is up to these customers who are preparing more and more to contact through the introduction of friends and expand the dimension model to cooperate. After the delivery, it was recognized by the customer and made every hard-working staff. I am very happy to say that it is a medical prototype factory that can help each customer's products meet the satisfaction standards. Responsibility makes them feel proud.

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