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by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 06 10: 27

In the design process of the product, after we have completed the design drawings, one thing I want to do is to know whether the things I designed are consistent with my own design ideas, whether the structural design is reasonable, etc. , so I need to customize the prototype to detect. When making a prototype, the general plastic prototype is done more, because the cost of plastic prototype is low and the processing is convenient. In the whole prototype industry, 60% of the prototypes are plastic.

If you customize a plastic prototype, in addition to preparing a 3d drawing, it is also necessary to find a professional plastic prototype manufacturer. Among many prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen, the extension model has advantages.

geographically, the extension model is located next to the national road of Fuyong 07, it is convenient for customers to see the factory and deliver goods; In terms of scale, our company has 55 large CNC machining centers and more than 160 employees, which can effectively guarantee the delivery of the prototype; From the point of view of technical experience, the extension model has 16 years of experience in prototype customization, and can make high-quality prototype models; From the process point of view, we have the programming department, CNC department, polishing department, fuel injection department, etc. , which can independently complete all the processes of prototype production without external distribution and will not cause the leakage of drawing information, effectively protect the privacy of customers.

extension model, fear every point you pay

whether you are a big or a small order, we will recognize the truth. Just because we fear every point you pay, this is the trust of Tuowei, so the Tuowei people can only pay back if they pay 200% of their efforts.

Shenzhen tuowei prototype model factory specializes in providing you with plastic prototype customization services. If you have custom requirements for the original model, you can contact the online customer service on the right side of our webpage or call: 13510327550, we are at your service at any time!

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