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Shenzhen plastic prototype-High cost performance of factory direct sales

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-02- Hello everyone, for the current plastic prototype, the production process extension model Technology Co. , Ltd. is already very skilled. In the past 17 years, continuous efforts have been made to innovate and improve many details. It is also a high salary to hire the us cto to improve the appearance of the small factory.

is that with this difference, the quality has been significantly improved for the customer's plastic prototype. The service manager is highly professional and can help customers improve 3D drawings with years of experience. Whether it can be processed at a glance, the salesman of the small factory may not be professional enough to see some small problems in the drawings.

plastic prototypes are often mistaken in accuracy or structure. Customers are not willing to pay for rework again. Instead of this, you might as well find a regular manufacturer like the extension model. Once the customs clearance is more worry-free quality, the corresponding price will definitely be higher than the small factory. But the cost performance is calculated.

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