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Shenzhen plastic prototype with high precision and good quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-10- Hello, everyone. For many years, we have focused on the production and processing of plastic prototypes. Our company has long-term cooperation with customers such as robots, medical equipment, smart home, auto parts and so on. In the process of cooperation to help customers solve, many small manufacturers can not deal with the problem. For example, the accuracy problem.

accuracy is very important in plastic prototyping, and deviations can lead to unavailability. The whole set of products can not be assembled. Or there is damage to these during use. The problem is a headache for our customers. Our company bought many new five-axis processing equipment this year. It is very good to help customers solve such problems. The five-axis machining machine can be used to process prototypes with complex structure. The speed is faster than the three-axis machine, and the accuracy can reach ±0. 01mm.

we also have a dedicated QC room with three dimensional inspection equipment. Every step of the plastic prototype model production will pass through our QC room to ensure that it is qualified and then enter the next processing process. And the prototype will be used to provide accuracy proof before shipment. To provide more trust to customers. If you have the relevant needs of the original business, please feel free to contact us online.

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