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Shenzhen product prototype manufacturer shipped in 3 days

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-09- Hello everyone, most of the prototype customers are looking for cooperation with our company. It mainly values the quality service of our company and the professional technical team. Able to assist the company to complete the product design and development requirements. Recently, many local customers in Shenzhen have found our company. To cooperate with us.

share our cooperation process with you today, hoping to help you choose our company to provide some reference for cooperation. In September, the structural engineers of a brand robot company saw our company's information and launched online consultation by looking for a product prototype factory.

The project manager of our project will negotiate and understand that our company has 55 processing equipment. Fast delivery for 3 days, as well as our professional production team for hundreds of people. As well as our professional 3C dimensional testing equipment, this year we have introduced multiple five-axis processing machines to greatly improve our processing efficiency. The customer was very satisfied and agreed to cooperate with us and said that we are a very good prototype supplier. We hope to cooperate for a long time.

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