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Shenzhen professional aluminum alloy prototype manufacturers, processing accuracy of 0. 05mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-07- 03 17: 16

The prototype industry is an industry with a relatively low threshold. If you rent a factory building and buy several equipment, you can start work. Therefore, there are hundreds of prototype factories in Shenzhen, and the strength of each manufacturer is very different. Therefore, when we do aluminum alloy prototypes, we need to choose a professional prototype factory, the quality of the feel made in this way is more secure.

It is actually very easy to find a professional prototype manufacturer. , you can search online'Professional prototype factory' Then, they are asked to provide corresponding qualification certificates and related production videos. If conditions permit, they can go to the field to conduct field visits, so that they can intuitively understand the size of their company, production strength, as well as the status of employees, from making accurate decisions to making a prototype of their own satisfaction.

Shenzhen extension model is one professional prototype factory of aluminum alloy, it has 55 large advanced CNC machining centers, half of which are Japanese imported brothers, and the machining accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, while the average peer processing accuracy is only 0. About 1mm, so if you need to make a high-precision prototype, you can choose the extension model.

The extension model can also be guaranteed in terms of delivery, these 55 CNC machining centers are processed all day, which can provide strong guarantee for the delivery date of customers. Once the production department is too busy, other departments will also take time to help in their spare time, so you don't have to worry about the delivery of your prototype.

select a professional prototype factory, not only can the quality of your prototype be guaranteed, but also the delivery can be shipped on time. If you need to find such a long vacation, you might as well look at the Shenzhen extension model.

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