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Shenzhen professional home appliance prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-09- 05 18: 24

when it comes to the category of home appliance prototypes, you should think of a lot, such as TV prototypes, vacuum cleaner prototypes, hair dryer prototypes, etc. For these prototypes, we have corresponding successful cases in the extension model, but here, Xiaobian still wants to introduce the sewing machine prototype we have done.

This is a Taiwanese designer friend of our company's sales director, in order to participate in the Taiwan creative design competition, he carefully designed a trendy sewing machine. When he designed the drawings and needed to make the prototype, the first thing he thought of was the extension model. After all, 15 years of experience was there, the quality of the prototype is guaranteed.

This sewing machine prototype is made of ABS material, due to the large volume, the CNC machining method is adopted. After surface treatment such as polishing, polishing and fuel injection, the following are some pictures in the prototype process of our sewing machine:

In the extension dimension model, whether you need to process a prototype of a home appliance, a prototype of a car accessory or a prototype of a medical device, we can process it and have considerable experience, not only that, we have also accumulated rich experience in soft glue prototypes. If you need to find a professional prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen, the extension model is an option you must not miss!

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