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Shenzhen professional prototype manufacturers of auto parts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-09- 28 11: 24

The prototype model of auto parts is actually a model that has been completed and used to detect whether the design drawings are reasonable. In short, it is a sample of the product. When your design drawings come out, if the finished product is not perfect or even unusable, the direct production will be completely scrapped once there is a defect, the prototype of auto parts is to provide sufficient basis for product styling and mass production.

since you need to make a prototype, you have to find a professional car prototype factory, right! Where to find such manufacturers, many enterprises will go to the prototype factory in Shenzhen, because the prototype industry in Shenzhen started earlier and has already started since the 1990s s, almost 20 years of history, when it comes to professional, manufacturers in other regions are not comparable. Among the many prototype companies in Shenzhen, Tuowei model is a prototype factory with 16 years of experience.

This is a prototype of the car headlights made by the extension model to the customer, as the requirements are very transparent, acrylic material was selected. Since the company uses Japanese imported brother machines for processing, the accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, and with more than 60 prototype masters, they have sufficient experience in prototype post-processing, so the prototype effect is very good.

extension dimension model, fear every point you pay

regardless of whether you are a 100-set prototype or a prototype, we all know what it is. Just because we fear every point you pay, this is the trust of Tuowei, so the Tuowei people can only pay back if they pay 200% of their efforts.

Shenzhen professional prototype factory for auto parts can be in just 3- 5 days to provide the perfect model sample, so that you can fully and correctly evaluate the new product before opening the mold, so that the product development is smoother, which can greatly reduce the errors and risks of the product. If you need to choose a professional prototype factory, please identify the extension model.

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