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Shenzhen prototype company, the prototype accuracy reached 1 wire

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-11- 13 17: 37

presumably everyone knows that the higher the accuracy of the prototype, the more accurate it is when the new product is verified, the products made are more in line with the needs of consumers. At present, the prototype industry has thousands of prototype companies in Shenzhen, large and small. In this prototype factory of Lin Zong, what kind of manufacturer should I choose to make it more accurate to verify when I develop new products? Pogo of the extension model told you--Mainly look at accuracy.

If the prototype accuracy made by Shenzhen prototype company is not high, then the results obtained will not be too accurate, and will be affected when the mold is opened later, so the prototype should be made at the beginning of the design to avoid defects. The prototype industry mainly has two processing methods: CNC and 3d printing. The prototype printed in 3d is rough and has low accuracy; The prototype processed by CNC has high precision, and generally can reach ten wires plus or minus. The five-axis machining metal prototype can reach 0 in accuracy. 01mm.

The general processing accuracy of Shenzhen prototype company is only 0. About 1mm, the machining accuracy can reach ±0. There are very few 03mm. However, in last July, the 5-axis machine was introduced into the extension model, and the machining accuracy could reach 0. 01mm, generally, customers with high precision requirements can take their orders with the extension model.

Shenzhen prototype Company--The processing accuracy of the extension model is 0. 01mm, the prototype can better help you verify the new product, so as to speed up the time of new product launch and make it more popular in the market.

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