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Shenzhen prototype Company-Machining difficult prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-06- 04 09: 05

There was a customer Liao Xiansheng who searched Baidu some time ago. 'Shenzhen prototype Company' We found the extension model and got in touch with the customer service of the extension model. In the communication, I learned that Mr. Liao needs to develop a new product and need to make a prototype to verify it. This is a more difficult prototype. Although the sales engineer of their company said that the Tuowei model has the ability to make this prototype, Mr. Liao was still not at ease and decided to come to the company for a visit.

Mr. Liao brought an engineer to the extension model the next day, after tuowei's sales manager warmly received him and took them to visit various departments, processing equipment and production processes of the company, he recognized the strength of Tuwei model Shenzhen prototype company. When he saw hundreds of samples in the sample cabinet, his confidence in Taowei increased a lot. Before long, Mr. Liao signed the contract, saying that he was very relieved to hand over the prototype to Taowei.

Shenzhen prototype company has quite rich processing in prototype production experience, the process processing engineers have more than 5 years of prototype production experience, 24-hour cnc high-precision machining, fast shipment speed, and prototype accuracy can reach ±0. 01mm, excellent service, fast shipping speed, good appearance, use of new materials, development of new processes, are the first in the country.

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