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Shenzhen prototype customization, such manufacturers should not miss

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-05- 07 12: 03

The prototype is used to participate in the exhibition. It is to be displayed to customers at the exhibition. It is not allowed to be sloppy, otherwise, it will not only not play a propaganda role, but also greatly reduce the company's image in the customer's mind. Therefore, when customizing the prototype, choose the prototype factory with the strength and appearance of the extension model.

at present, many enterprises are thinking of customizing to high-quality prototypes at low prices, there are some small prototype factories that can make prototypes for customers at a low price. As for Wumart, it is really not flattering. Engaged in the prototype industry for so many years, I often hear such cases: xx company purchased a low-cost prototype factory in order to save money, and the result was screwed up at the exhibition, not only did it not be appreciated by the boss, instead, I lost my job.

If you make a prototype, it depends on the cost performance, and the development cost must be saved, however, the actual effect can not be ignored. prototype factory such as the extension model adopts CTO as the technical director of the United States and introduces foreign fuel injection technology. The prototype after injection is not only bright in color, and paint long is not easy to fall off. The following figure is a prototype of a drone made by the tuowei model for China news Ark, which has helped them get a good response at the high-tech fair.

so in customizing the prototype time, choose a good prototype manufacturer, and Shenzhen tuowei model is such a prototype factory that can provide customers with exquisite prototypes.

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