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Shenzhen prototype customization factory-55 sets of equipment in 5000 square meters factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-08- 01 11: 38

Because of the rapid progress of industrial production, Shenzhen prototype customization factories in the market are also slowly increasing, however, the size of the business scale and its technical expertise are not neat, and prototype factories like small workshops on the streets are everywhere, but prototype factories with an area of 5000 square meters such as tuowei are obviously few, mr. Xie of Guangzhou said with a smile: he is very lucky to cooperate with such a professional prototype factory.

Mr. Xie's company is engaged in product development, for a long time, we need to customize some prototype models. Two years ago, we cooperated with Taowei for the first time under the casual opportunity. Until now, Mr. Xie has such an evaluation of Taowei: first, with more than 100 employees, more than 60 prototype masters have about 8 years of work experience, and strictly control the quality of the prototype layer by layer; Secondly, the production workshop of tuowei has 55 CNC machining equipment and imported five-axis machines, so that the accuracy of the prototype can reach ±0. 02mm, is a very professional prototype factory in Shenzhen.

In addition, Tuowei has a QC testing workshop, avoid any defective products coming out of the warehouse to ensure that the products arriving at the customer are all passing products. Such a Shenzhen prototype customization factory has been rarely seen in the current market. If you meet it, you will seize the opportunity and cooperate quickly!

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