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Shenzhen prototype factory, high precision, the choice of many foreign customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-07- 31 18: 43

due to the high cost of prototype production abroad and the production level of Shenzhen prototype factory is not much different from that of foreign countries, and the price will be much cheaper, therefore, many foreign customers sometimes choose Shenzhen prototype factory when making prototypes. Tuowei model is a prototype factory recognized by foreign customers in Shenzhen. It not only makes the prototype look exquisite, but also has high processing accuracy.

Japanese Daiwa precision company provided to Taiwan customers through business Chen Lei prototype products, at a seminar, I went to Chen Lei's contact information because the prototype made by Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory has a very beautiful appearance and very high structural accuracy. The customer saw the prototype at this meeting, they also had the original type of demand and asked the partner to learn.

later, the customer emailed Chen Lei Wei and talked for a while, when he came to Shenzhen prototype factory, Chen Lei took him to visit and understand Chen Lei's factory personnel, production equipment and process inspection, and the high demand for product quality was very happy after the customer saw it, on the spot, it was said that all the items quoted before should be made to the extension model. Chen Lei is also very pleased. Sincere service to every customer brings more than a simple business, but more customers who trust Chen Lei are willing to hand over important projects to Chen Lei, it is also the recognition of Shenzhen prototype factory technology.

Shenzhen prototype factory is doing when the prototype is not only beautiful, and high precision, is the choice of many foreign customers.

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