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Shenzhen prototype factory, not only good quality, but also enthusiastic service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-07- 28 08:15

most customers need to make a prototype to see the effect when developing new products to verify whether the structure of the products is defective, it is a key link in the process of developing products. Therefore, when choosing Shenzhen prototype factory, we should focus on quality. We should not only pay attention to price. We need to understand the truth that good goods are not cheap and cheap. If the quality of the prototype is not good, it will seriously affect the verification of new products, resulting in the inability of new products to market.

WMF company found me through the introduction of the prototype products I provided to German customers, the reason is that the prototype we made has a very beautiful appearance. The customer saw the prototype at a product seminar. They also had the original type demand and asked the design company to learn. Later, the customer sent me an email and talked for a while. I came to Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory. I took him to visit and understand the production equipment process inspection of our factory personnel and the high requirements for product quality, after the customer saw it, he was very happy and said on the spot that he would give us all the items quoted before. I am also very pleased that sincere service to every customer brings more than a simple business, but more trust in our customers willing to give me important projects, it is also a recognition of our company's technology.

so the customer chooses the Shenzhen prototype when the factory, not only the quality of the prototype, but also the service attitude is very important.

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