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Shenzhen prototype factory, serve every customer service wholeheartedly

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-12- 09 17: 10

Shenzhen prototype factory looks forward to achieving win-win cooperation with you

Shenzhen prototype factory-- With senior experience, enthusiastic service attitude, exquisite appearance processing and strict secrecy system, tuowei model has won a good reputation in the industry and established a long-term cooperative relationship with large customers. Future, Shenzhen prototype factory--The extension model will stick to' Serve every customer wholeheartedly' The spirit of creating a high-precision prototype for customers to help customers get more orders at the exhibition, so as to achieve a win-win goal!

one-stop service before, during and after sales, no need to worry about

Shenzhen prototype factory provides customers with free pre-sales consulting services, if you are close to customers, you can even provide on-site guidance and provide professional prototype solutions free of charge, so that customers can make prototypes at a lower cost; During the sale process, customers are provided with the progress of prototype customization at any time, so that customers can know the production status of the prototype well; After-sales service provides customers with 24-hour free consultation service and regular return visits to customers; And provide zero risk commitment to customers-- If you are not satisfied with the prototype effect, the prototype accuracy will not reach positive or negative 0. 1mm, you can't achieve your assembly requirements. You feel the appearance effect of the prototype sample (Surface treatment such as fuel injection, silk screen printing and electroplating) , Can not reach 99% of the fidelity of the finished mold, you just send us the prototype, we redo a set for you free of charge.

Shenzhen prototype factory strives to do a good job in pre-sale, sale and after-sales service for the sake of customers wholeheartedly, if you need to choose a reliable prototype factory, don't miss the extension model!

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