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Shenzhen prototype factory-Choose a small factory with unstable quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-03- 29 11: 01

The prototype model processing manufacturers of medical devices only make prototypes, and rarely open molds directly, because the smaller the accuracy, the more accurate the results of the verification products are, but if the error is large, it will affect the result. Medical device prototype model processing is a heavier part of the prototype factory business, because the medical prototype requirements are relatively strict and the cost is relatively high. However, some customers who want to find a prototype factory in Shenzhen do not know the details.

such as Mr. Zhou, who searched online some time ago'Shenzhen prototype factory' See the top few of the Tuowei model, but when he inquired, the quotation was too expensive. So I found another small factory. The price is relatively low. I looked at the production process of the factory a little. I may not understand it, and I was fooled. On the date of delivery, I didn't see the factory for delivery, so I urged it every day. Finally, the prototype rushed. After seeing the finished product, I almost didn't die. Because of the prototype, several corners were broken and the fuel injection was uneven. I would like to experiment with it. I didn't expect that the experiment was directly deformed. However, we can only find the extension model.

The gentleman who was hosted by Miss Li, the salesman of Shenzhen prototype factory at that time. After listening to his description, I first gave him a popular science about the difference between a large factory and a small factory, advantages, disadvantages and so on. Then tell him that this medical device needs to be made of pc material. This material has high impact resistance, good dimensional stability, colorless and transparent, color resistance, good electrical insulation and high temperature resistance. It is a transparent material. The extension uses five-axis machining with an accuracy of up to 0. 01mm, 3 ~ Delivery within 5 days. Then he took Mr. Zhou to the workshop to tell in detail the process from placing an order to express delivery to your hand. After listening to Mr. Zhou was very satisfied, he made a list.

so it can be seen that don't be greedy for small and cheap, the prototype that could have been fixed in a few days has been done for more than ten days, wasting money and wasting time. If you want to find a prototype of Shenzhen city, you can try the extension model, you can't buy it, you can't buy it! Serve customers wholeheartedly!

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