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Shenzhen prototype factory-Great reputation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-06- 24 17: 31

Mr. Xu, the head of the purchasing department of a well-known enterprise, searched on Baidu'Shenzhen prototype factory'We found tuowei model Co. , Ltd. The gentleman has more or less heard of the reputation of the Tuowei model. And also know that the manager of the extension model is a very wise and very insightful person!

few days after Mr. Xu's company developed a new product, it is urgent to find a prototype factory to make a prototype. However, because of the previous Shenzhen prototype factory of the purchasing department, because of the greed and cheap, their products were launched very late, and the market was robbed by others! Therefore, we must find a regular prototype factory for proofing this time! After that, Mr. Xu recommended the tuowei model company. The company board also heard the fame of the tuowei model, so it was delivered to Mr. Xu!

after Mr. Xu searched the web page of the extension model online, after finding it, an inquiry was launched! After the customer service to Mr. Xu's contact information, the salesman Li Gong is responsible for it. After chatting on the chat software, Mr. Xu proposed to think of the extension model for on-the-spot inspection! After Mr. Xu came to the Tuowei model, Mr. Xu was led by the salesman to visit the sample room and workshop. After the visit, Mr. Xu said that compared with other Shenzhen prototype factories, the extension model is really very powerful!

after Mr. Chen made the order! Tuowei model is a Shenzhen prototype factory with very strong strength! Every year, there are enterprises coming to the Tuwei model to cooperate! If you want to make a prototype in the near future, consider the extension model!

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