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Shenzhen prototype factory-Hold your post during rest time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-01- 18 11: 22

Everyone must know that when doing foreign trade, the general time of work is when foreign trade customers go to work. Therefore, as the foreign trade business of Shenzhen prototype factory, it is often called to work by sudden things during the break.

received three copies of an Indian customer at 17: 13 yesterday afternoon urgent quotation, the project manager of the foreign trade department of Shenzhen prototype factory immediately led the team to evaluate the project, gave several different specific plans, answered doubts for customers, and communicated with customers in detail, for example, the texture size requirements of surface treatment, the color selection of fuel injection, the pictures and videos of the Pan Tong card number and related samples are sent to the customer for reference, and the relevant production information is confirmed after consultation, after making the correct quotation, the three quotations were finally sent to the customer at 20: 30.

The customer highly recognizes the professional degree and service spirit of Shenzhen prototype factory, we will seriously consider the quotation of the extension model. The extension business team always adheres to the values of dedication, integrity, appreciation, gratitude and happiness, and thinks from the customer's point of view to provide customers with suitable solutions. As a foreign trade salesman in the manufacturing industry, he will stick to the end in this position and contribute his own light and heat.

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