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Shenzhen prototype factory-No external hair

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-05- 30 18: 11

The General Enterprise prototype is mainly to detect whether there are deficiencies in the design of the product, and to find out the deficiencies through the prototype. Prototyping has attracted more and more attention from enterprises. In order to develop new products and enhance the competitive power of the industry, some enterprises began to pay attention to the prototype problem. How to choose a powerful prototype factory in Shenzhen?

basic strength: the scale of Shenzhen prototype model factory is not large, whether the production equipment is complete and the prototype production and assembly can be completed independently needs to be considered. The number of production equipment is large, and it can be produced directly on the machine without waiting, without external processing, and the quality is guaranteed. Processing Technology: whether the masters of Shenzhen prototype model factory have professional prototype production experience, whether they can complete prototype production in time, and the prototype surface made by experienced prototype Masters is smooth and exquisite in appearance. Service advantage. Enterprises that provide customers with high-quality services as the direction of their efforts are easy to obtain customer recognition.

The extension model of Shenzhen prototype model factory has 17 years in prototype production professional experience, advanced production equipment for processing, the accuracy can reach ±0. 03mm, is a good prototype factory.

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