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Shenzhen prototype factory provides 1-to-1 service, and it is more reassuring to customize the prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-02- 28 15: 39

one-on-one careful service, let Customers customize worry-free

Many prototype factories are difficult to achieve 1-to-1 service when serving customers due to the limited number of people, therefore, it is difficult to achieve the desired results of customers in terms of service quality, which is reflected in the prototype manufacturers that have just been created. Many newly started manufacturers exist in the form of small workshops. One person has to be in several positions and has no perfect service, so it is difficult to serve customers well. As a prototype manufacturer in Shenzhen with 16 years of experience, tuowei has established a perfect service system, which can provide one-on-one and intimate services to every customer, make it easy and convenient for customers to customize prototypes!

take more than 3 months ago, the customer wants to come to the company to assemble the prototype on Sunday. At this time, most people are either sleeping late or dating, and the business Miss Xie does not hesitate to sacrifice her rest time to help the customer disassemble the prototype and install the circuit, finally, the functional test of the prototype was completed. The customer highly recognized Miss Xie's service attitude and wrote to the company to express her gratitude.

The strength of Shenzhen prototype manufacturers docking, the customized prototype is simple and convenient

Shenzhen prototype manufacturers with a relatively small scale may often encounter problems such as no guarantee of delivery, poor quality and service bad Attitude and other issues, however, please rest assured in Tuowei that as a manufacturer with 16 years of experience in prototype customization, it is not dare to say that delivery will not be delayed, but 90% of customers can receive the prototype on time, moreover, the business personnel are trained to give you meticulous service and 1-to-1 intimate service, so that you can save money and worry!

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